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As a contributor to Getty Images, I wrote about visual insights and trends. I also produced utility content that helps readers optimize their stock photography searches.

I was also the copywriter on a whitepaper called The Power of Visual Storytelling. It got turned into a Ceros microsite, as well as a SlideShare, and loads of other follow-up content.


Editorial Calendar 101

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Creative Ads



What to Consider When Using Archival Images In Your Projects

Is Your Creative Strategy Stuck in the Past?

Audio Branding: Using Music + Sound in Your Marketing Projects

Curated Galleries: Bold Images that Drive Emotional Storytelling

Curated Galleries: Timely + Relevant Collections for Any Media Outlet

Creative Collections for Cross-Industry Tech Players

4 Ways to Use Vectors in Your Work

Stand Out With Bold Images and Unique Perspectives 

For, predecessor to

Trend Reports

  • Getty Images Trends Team Makes 2017 Predictions
  • Visual Trends 2016 Mid-Year Report
  • Apple Makes a Mess of Color with New MacBook Pro
  • 10 Travel Trends, in Images

Visual Insights

  • 360° Imagery and the Power of Immersive Storytelling
  • Increased Immersion: Virtual Reality Filmmaker Shares Insights
  • Beyond Instagram: Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness
  • Who’s Behind the Visual Appeal of Olympic Uniforms? These Top Designers

Search How-To’s

  • Searching for Standout Images? Be Bold, Zoom In & Change Perspectives
  • In Praise of the Peculiar: How and Why to Use Surreal Images
  • Outsider In: Celebrating the Outspoken, the Outré and the Rebel
  • Extended Human: Illustrating the Future of Mankind
  • Minimal Matters: Streamline Your Content with Visual Simplicity
  • Four Tips for Incorporating Vectors into Your Work

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